Writing Update October 2020

It’s the start of my favorite season and I’m feeling very inspired right now. I’m still currently editing my German Fantasy novel “Der dreizehnte Prinz”, but I’m slowly coming to an end. There are some passages that I have to rewrite while others have to be cut completely. I can’t really understand anymore why I wrote the passaged in which they just travel from one place to the other with so much detail. It sometimes feels as if I was writing a traveling guide. I feel like I’ve been able to fix that, however. While editing I’ve put a focus on relationships and the story has really profited from that. It’s October now and I’ll get the first draft for my cover. I’m still so excited about that.
Of course, I’m also working on my writing projects. Autumn is the perfect season for writing, I think. I’ve even been able to write in the mornings. As you may know, I’m normally someone who writes in the evenings, but if it’s cloudy and rainy outside, it’s easier for me to sit down at my desk and get into the stories. As I’m currently at home with my baby daughter that is really an improvement for me.
My main project is still “Murder and Afternoon Tea” right now. I’ve written a little over 30 k words and it’s supposed to be around 50 k words long. I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish until November because I’m planning to take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. Check out the link at the top of the page to get to my projects.
I have also almost finished the seventh chapter of my Matt and Techie fanfiction “Horny Hearts” and it will probably be out this week. It’s a fluffy chapter that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I felt like writing it.
The first 2000 words of my partner project with Kaja Evert have already been written and I must say I’m getting really excited about this one. It’s going to be a series with a Dark Fantasy setting that includes dragons, a warrior with a dark past who can’t control his powers, an elusive magician he falls in love with, a flying fortress, and an empress with her own plans and secrets.
What are your writing plans for September? Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo? Let me know in the comments, maybe we can connect!

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