Writing Update September 2020

All in all August has been a great month for writing. It wasn’t that hot anymore and there was rain and thunderstorms, which always inspires me.

I have finally decided to publish “Der dreizehnte Prinz” and I have also found a cover designer that I absolutely love and whose covers are very much what I’ve always imagined for that book. Ordering a cover for my own book has been a huge step for me and I’m already excited about it, even though my slot isn’t before October. I like the feeling that I’m in control of how the cover will look like, even though as I have next to no experience, I will certainly rely a lot on her for what is important in a Fantasy cover. I’ll talk more about that in October. You can find my designer here:

I was already set on publishing with the distributor “Book on Demand”, but another possibility has shown itself and I’ll see in the following weeks whether my plan will change. I also ordered a plot analyses for the book and I’m currently editing It with the help of the writing program “Papyrus”, which is a great help. It’s interesting to see how often I repeat words especially. If all goes well “Der dreizehnte Prinz” will be published this winter or early spring. That depends on where I’m finally publishing.

I also made progress on “Murder and Afternoon Tea” and am currently at 25k words, so I have about half of the first draft written. I enjoy writing it a lot.

Another important step for me is that I am planning on a project with author Kaja Evert at the moment. She is a writer I greatly admire. You can find her homepage here:


Our project is in its early stages, but I’ll keep you updated.

Hope your plans and projects are going great, whatever they are! I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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